USS Stephen Hawking: Commissioned on the 46th Anniversary of Man Landing on the Moon


We've loved every minute of our journey

Our founding member is asked to create a Marine Strike Group

After joining the USS Golden Gate primer chapter in California, Lt. Colonel Derek Allen is asked by Admiral David Nottage III if he will create a Marine arm for his beloved San Francisco chapter. The idea for the 49th MSG was born.

This happened not long after the USS Golden Gate returned to Starfleet. Happy to have found a new home, LTC Allen found and asked other Starfleet members to join him in the 49th. More would soon follow.

After consultation with the founding five members of the MSG and our graphics master

Using his minor design skills and asking the advice of members like Vaeao Tupua and Diana Beets, we created a nice mock up and submitted it to Jon Lane. He was able to clean up what we made and the 49th MSG had the basis of their logo, and their real start.

The Strike Group becomes a Search and Rescue Unit to couple with the USS Golden Gate's mission of Diplomacy

The logo was to be able to tell a quick visual story of what the New MSG stood for. The bridge to remind us of our chapter. The hands one reaching for the other in service. The motto to explain our mission. The teal color that of Starfleet Medical. Our own shuttle was created and commissioned by Starfleet to help in the SAR mission.

A meeting chapter is a great place to meet others and have fun events!

When you look at our photos in that section the ones at the bottom are from this past. Things like a Marine Muster, and a joint event with another chapter were fun. Our first chapter event "Bowling With Planets" was the first event where meeting others from our chapter provided a day of great fun! First a few drinks and lunch then off to the bowling allies next door!

The USS Golden Gate's mission of Diplomacy. A very good choice.

Admiral Nottage was the perfect diplomat, I have rarely seen someone who could use his natural abilities to make friends and charm others. Being a chapter President for a long time David Nottage had plenty of great ideas to further the name of the USS Golden Gate as a first rate Starfleet Chapter in the Region. One of his best ideas was to early on partner with Google to make the Golden Gate one of the first chapters to show up on a Google search for Star Trek Fan Clubs in a search in the San Francisco area. This great idea helped our chapter be invited to many exclusive events in its return to Starfleet! The Meet and Greet, for Star Trek: Into Darkness was the best event we would be involved with.

We were very very lucky to have a member named James T. Kirk..
Jim has the Enterprise Bridge in his back yard in San Francisco.

I don't know how David found him, I think it was Jim reaching out. I will have to ask one of them one day. But when the USS Golden Gate has a party, they go to our resident Gorn. James Theodore Kirk. You have to love Jim because he takes right after his namesake. He likes a good party and knows how to host a Star Trek themed party!

Moving to Los Angeles changed things for the 49th. In a good way of course...

One of the last things the members of the 49th did as charges of the USS Golden Gate was to attend the Regional Summit in Los Angeles in 2014. Derek and Vaeao moved to Long Beach, and Benjamin and his best friend and new wife Samantha moved to Fresno. So we all met up to represent the Marine Detachment of the USS Golden Gate. 

It didn't take long before we realized...
It was time for a new "Chapter"

After the Region 4 Summit, a very good time for all. We were able to interact with Starfleet members from all over the Region. 

Then one evening I spoke to Ben Salisbury. We realized that we the new movers and shakers of the 49th had moved too far south to make things any fun for our group. 

That was the day we decided upon a new course.

Enter USS Stephen Hawking and its Shakedown phase.

Officially from December 13, 2014 to just before June 2015 the members of the 49th MSG went though the process of a Starfleet Shakedown. We asked the USS Golden Gate to be our guide, our Mothership, and we asked who would like to join us in our new correspondence chapter of Starfleet. We needed to complete a list of things and we had a year to do it. Yet determined and seasoned leadership let us complete the "Shakedown" in seven months. Not only was this a great accomplishment but it was fun to do. 

I put all the paperwork together, and submitted the right things to the right departments and we were granted a shortened trial period. When asked when we wanted to have our chapter commissioned I took a few days to research special days in July. Captain Kirk's birthday, naw... Issac Newton theories, naw. Then as I moved down the list I had it, the perfect date for a Time Ship like the USS Stephen Hawking.

July 20, 1969 

Looking down the list it became obvious after reading the list of dates on the internet, the perfect day jumped out. The perfect day for a ship that could travel through time. A date that the commanding officer and XO were alive for, and proud and excited to be a part of. July 20, 2015 the 46th Anniversary of a man landing on the Moon. Historic, profound and oh boy what kind of fun! Stardate: 11507.20

Los Angeles becomes a fertile ground for a new chapter of Starfleet

Once we got the Chapter established local members hit the ground running. We made contact with the USS Angeles where our Graphics Master Jon Lane did his thing. 

Jonathan asked if we could help his friends who were producing a little fan film called Axanar! It was while helping them move from their offices to a new warehouse that would become Ares Studios that I met two new members. Rex and later on Martin.

My first Yuri's Night was a Blast and it lead to the Hawking coordinating and volunteering for April 2016

Chief Engineer (and Real Life Aerospace engineer) Martin Horowitz invited me last minuet to an even that he helps sponsor each year. Until this moment I had no idea about Yuri's Night and it had been going on for well more that 10 years all over the world at this point.

Are those people dancing under a Space craft? Yuri's Night LA is the flagship event because founder Loretta Whitesides has her event at the California Science Center where the Space Shuttle Endeavor lives.

Ever CosPlay, LLRP or just go to a convention? Send in your photos to share with our members and fans.

One of the things that we love to do on the Hawking is to check out Comic and CosPlay conventions. I would like to invite you members not only to go to Cons, but to dress up and take many many photos! Send them to me and I would love to post them here online with your smiling face featured.

We have met awesome people at conventions, and helped those folks from Axanar and Captain Pike and their stars when we have been asked to assist them.

One of the things we are striving to do now is how to make the chapter more fun for those members far away from the action.

Recently we joined a Correspondence Chapter Group on Facebook. I want to find out the best ways for us to keep the interest of other members in places like Berlin NH, San Francisco, CA and Reed Springs, MO

Right now I am thinking about some kind of Online Trivia or a book club on If you have any good ideas please contact me on Facebook, via email or on the post I will make in the b-Log.

We just had our 1st Anniversary or our Chapter, guess what we did?

A few months ago I was invited to the Star Trek: Beyond Fan event and it was a super huge Hollywood event! Well they gave us a ticket to the Premier which was on July 20th which was not only our anniversary but the 47th anniversary of Man's Landing on the Moon.

The 50th Anniversary of Star Trek 

is a magic number

This year we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the airing of Star Trek which is coming up fast has been full of events and fun. September 8, 1966 was the date of "The Man Trap" which aired at 8:30 pm.  

Pictured Right: Sharon Gimpel taking a break from playing the M-113 creature.

The Second Anniversary of
The USS Stephen Hawking

As the Captain of the Hawking I see the chapter taking on a new direction here at the end of its first full year as a STARFLEET Chapter. Not only have our friends over at the Improv Studio taken their Flagship Show "Star Trek: The Improvised Generation" to a new level. Our chapter has taken an interest in Space Exploration and more of the Not Star Trek made films of some of the people we know.

The Image to the right is from the Wrap Up supper we shared with the coordinators of Yuri's Night '17.

We Are Thinking About A Universal
Business Card

Our members do everything and go everywhere, I have been thinking about making us a universal card to help to recruit new members interested in what we do. Join the Hawking the think about joining us in Starfleet where we can really do something together.

We are about to Change Teams

The USS Stephen Hawking is about to change primary Fan Clubs. We will still endorse SFI, but as of the end of 2018 we will belong to a smaller organization called "THE FLEET".