USS Stephen Hawking: Commissioned on the 46th Anniversary of Man Landing on the Moon



The ranked crew of the good ship USS Stephen Hawking

Founding members and the full compliment of the members of Starfleet: The International Star Trek Fan Association. 

Starting at $10 annually you to can join Starfleet and earn awards, ribbons and advance in rank. There are other perks including your own vanity email address from the USS Stephen Hawking, based on your callsign.
Members of the Civilian Crew 

Special people that for one reason or another (good reasons) are members of the USS Stephen Hawking but not yet members of Starfleet.
Members of other STARFLEET Chapters we like

STARFLEET regulations state that each member has to have a chapter of record, the one chapter that they belong to in the Database. There is really no limit to how many chapters one can belong to as a charter member however. These are some of the charter members of the USS Stephen Hawking. 
Some of the most important Manuals at the SFMCA

On this page you will find the manuals you will need to succeed in taking the exams from the Starfleet Marine Corps Academy. You will also find the Starfleet Membership Handbook, this is the one and only book you will need to pass the Officers Training School and Officers Command College exams. All are in the downloadable .PFD formats. We also have a catalog of all the courses at the Starfleet Academy
Awards from Starfleet and the SFMC 

A list of awards and the certificates that go along with them. Click on the award to see it close up. These are the awards for the most part that come along with your ribbons from the Marine Academy and FORCECOM.