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Fan Fiction

I would love to see some more fan fiction here on our pages. If you have something to offer please contact us here at the Hawking! We will read it over and publish it right here. We will also publish your art work and any creations that you have made, all you have to do is be a member of the club Active Starfleet Marine or Civilian, and send your submissions to [email protected] for approval and posting.

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A New Wrinkle On The Skin

By D. Allen

Oh a world where nothing is as it seems, the Strike Group finds a hidden outpost for one of the most fearsome creatures in two quadrants. But expect a wrench in the engine when trying to capture over 200 Jem'Hadar.

MAKO Flight 212st Paladins

By Aaron McDowell

Read the Honors winning story by Aaron McDowell of a flight of Starfleet pilots in life or death sortee with the Romulan Star Empire's most deadly fighters. Tigersharks VS. Scorpions.

A Ticklish Situation

By Nichelle Miyakoshi

Author's Note : This story was the end result of a few late night conversations when I asked Kered to spill his guts about Klingon culture. He was nice enough to then let me name my character after him. The other character, well, she’s all mine.

WOLF 359

By D. Allen

4th Brigade Report Stardate 44005.3
Section 1.

"Soooo just what are we doing down here?" asked the Feline officer.

"Nothing but the concept of a mystery intrigues me, it is something I have never come across before and you know what they say about this part of the station." replied the warrior.

A New Assignment For Old Targs

By D. Allen


The bright room devoid of conduits and wires, lit by the multi-wave length illumination reflecting off of the clean white walls and ever-shine floors. Plasticine windows looking out a wide porthole into the darkness of space. Leather padded seats with high backs and a back-lit blue glass podium. 

This was the furthest place from that room as possible. On Station Deep Space 12. The ready-room of the 49th Marine Strike Group the 'Fallen Angles of Mercy' was JUST...

Aero Wing Shuttle Specifications

Specs by Kered Nella

This is a shuttle that I configured and refit for Search and Rescue operations. We used it on the USS Golden Gate, the original Aero Wing Shuttle is located below the saucer section of USS Voyager. They never used it on the show, but you can see its underside every time you see the bottom of the saucer section of Voyager.

For some unknown reason the Crew of Voyager creates the Delta Flyer. I would think that besides this great Captain's Gig, they did have one or two ordinary shuttle craft.

F-A 63 Razorbeast Marine Attack Fighter

Specs by Kered Nella

Star Trek has very few fighter craft, but the SFMC trains pilots and uses them. Of course the Starfleet Marines are not part of canon. Since they aren't I have chosen to create a full function fighter craft with Warp capabilities and atmospheric flight.

No matter the flight theater outer space or in a planetary atmosphere, this craft can deliver destruction, and support for any battle ground the Starfleet Marines find themselves engaged!