USS Stephen Hawking: Commissioned on the 46th Anniversary of Man Landing on the Moon

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This is the group page of USS Stephen Hawking. We are the Long Beach chapter of STARFLEET The International Star Trek Fan Association and our chapter is all about Space, Science Science Fiction and Fantasy, As part of the Space Exploration Generation we are interested in Yuri's Night where in Los Angeles we get to celebrate under the Space Shuttle Endeavor and the Aerospace industry in Long Beach where the offices of SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and Boeing Live! 

We invite all members of the Science Fiction Fan, and Costume Playing (CosPlay) community to come and join us. The Crew of the USS Stephen Hawking would like to invite you to join us as a Civilian Member. A list of things are here for us to chat about and meet over. But I hope to show you all what kind of fun we can all have together just because we all love Science and Sci-Fi.

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USS Stephen Hawking

The Stephen Hawking posts its public service announcements here and information on the charities we stand behind. We don't believe in bullying and we work with the Pop Culture Hero Coalition to help raise awareness. Individuals who bully or try to bully others making light of people who are different because of faith, disability, or gender, it's a kind of ignorance that can be unlearned. 

We also encourage Disaster Preparedness because the Earth is alive and sometimes She has to have a stretch or a breath of fresh air. So we encourage people to join their local CERT programs in case of emergency or disaster.
Be Prepared and not Scared!

The Academy of Klingon Warfare: Hosted by the USS Stephen Hawking

Founded on September 16, 2012

The Klingon Warrior Academy is part of the USS Stephen Hawking.

This is the clubs longest running page on Facebook with almost 6,000 likes over the years. Today it is a multimedia page with news about movies, TV shows, games and CosPlay. This was the first Facebook page created by the author with Star Trek in mind.

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USS Stephen Hawking

Now the main depository for Science and Science related media posts. We post all space related stories here, this is where we will feature Yuri's Night and posts from our new affiliate Raw Science.

We also post the latest news in Space Exploration and Science features. Very important stories make it to our mirror page on this site, but here you can really find the day to day stories that make the news and spark our imaginations. Follow us here to get the latest.

Instagram Pages for Club and Science

@HawkingTimeShip.Club                     @Photos.Of.Space.Time

This is our Instagram page where you can find some select images that get posted at some events themselves in real time. Or just a collection of images from our time together as a Star Trek Chapter.

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