USS Stephen Hawking: Commissioned on the 46th Anniversary of Man Landing on the Moon

Facebook Pages of the USS Stephen Hawking

USS Stephen Hawking NCV-4744400; a chapter of STARFLEET Int'l

This is the group page of USS Stephen Hawking. We are the Long Beach chapter of STARFLEET The International Star Trek Fan Association and our chapter is all about Space, Science Science Fiction and Fantasy, As part of the Space Exploration Generation we are interested in Yuri's Night where in Los Angeles we get to celebrate under the Space Shuttle Endeavor! The Hawking is against individuals who bully or try to bully others making light of people who are different is a kind of ignorance that can be unlearned. We also encourage Disaster Preparedness because the Earth is alive and sometimes She has to have a stretch. Be Prepared and not Scared!

We invite all members of the Science Fiction Fan, and Costume Playing (CosPlay) community to come and join us. The Crew of the USS Stephen Hawking would like to invite you to join us as a Civilian Member. A list of things are here for us to chat about and meet over. But I hope to show you all what kind of fun we can all have together just because we all love Science and Sci-Fi.

The Academy of Klingon Warfare: Hosted by the USS Stephen Hawking

  • Founded on September 16, 2012
  • The Klingon Warrior Academy is part of the STARFLEET INTERNATIONAL Fan Association. 
  • This is the clubs longest running page on Facebook with almost 6,000 likes over the years. Today it is a multi media page with news about movies, TV shows, games and CosPlay and now with the page runner Lieutenant Kimber Spores it has a much broader focus with science and other entertainment to share. 

USS Stephen Hawking NCV 4744400

This is the page that acts as a marker for the club. We use it as a page for the work place. If you wanted to put on your Facebook Profile that you work for the USS Stephen Hawking then you can use this page. 

More information will be posted on this page in the future but for now it is a kind of place keeper page. 

What I have noticed over the past few months is that many aspiring scientist and students from all over the world have been liking this page. I am sure it is the name of Professor Hawking that draws them. I am wondering what I can do to post things they will enjoy. Maybe more information on Stephen Hawking himself. 

Science Probe of the USS Stephen Hawking

Now the main depository for Science and Science related media posts. We post all space related stories here, this is where we will feature Yuri's Night and posts from our new affiliate Raw Science.

We also post the latest news in Space Exploration and Science features. Very important stories make it to our mirror page on this site, but here you can really find the day to day stories that make the news and spark our imaginations. Follow us here to get the latest.

Community Outreach of the USS Stephen Hawking

This page is used for our charities, but mostly it is our page to share how we want to fight against bullying. Since Star Trek first started the Federation has been a force that fights the bullies of the Galaxy. They bound together as a community and stand up against Klingons, Romulans, and the Breen and the Borg. Those who want to force change upon the rest of us.

We have teamed up with the Pop Culture Hero Coalition, the charity co-started with Chase Masterson of ST:DS9. And her we will publish stories of courageous people and children who find a way to stand up to their bullies without violence. No one likes a bully but another bully. If we show these creatures that its not funny, if we don't laugh or encourage them. We can wipe this behavior from our society. Let's embrace the ideal of Gene Roddenberry with his concept that he created for the Vulcan Species. 
(IDIC) Infinite Diversity Infinite Combinations. 

Re-Viewing Screen of the USS Stephen Hawking

Here is a new service of the Hawking. If you have a favorite book or have seen a great movie and you want to share your thoughts with us this is the spot. We encourage you to read... and then to write. Tell us what you think of the newest Star Wars movie, or how you liked last week's Dr. Who show.

It is our invitation to you viewers and members to place your review of Books, Conventions, Games, or Movies virtually anything you can think of that can be reviewed and shared including a product or a service. Remember to look at visitor posts incase you don't see your contribution up front!

Only first a few of rules:

1) Each post will be reviewed before publishing. There will be no proofreading or editing of your pieces for content.

2) Posts should be related to the Science Fiction genre a biography of Barack Obama will not be considered as a post for the Re-Viewing Screen. Although characters like Jason Bourne or Forrest Gump will be allowed since they are fictional. 

3) If you have spoilers in your review (a good review will tell about the item or event and refrain but) in such cases please post *Spoiler Alerts*.

4) As with all USS Stephen Hawking pages this is a family friendly page, even if they don't think that your kids may read something here and post accordingly. (Use of profanity or sexual activity is allowed but to be neither too excessive or too graphic in nature)

5) Self promotion of your event or product is alright as long as the review is from a person not directly involved, if you act in the production or have written the novel please have a friend submit the review.

Thank you.