USS Stephen Hawking: Commissioned on the 46th Anniversary of Man Landing on the Moon



Captain's Blog These are the Voyages of the USS Stephen Hawking

This is the day to day word on what is happening with the chapter. I think that from now on I will try to mirror what is going on here with our Facebook page USS Stephen Hawking.

Here is a collection of the crew's Fan Fiction

Some of us like to write about the adventures of the fictional crew of the USS Stephen Hawking. When you look on the roster of the crew and you see the alias listed there are the ones you too can use to create your own stories. Please don't use the names of real people.
A List of the fictional crew for the USS Stephen Hawking

Here is a list of our crew compiled for the use in Fan Fiction. The names have been made up, and we have provided species and call signs for the use in your stories. There is one more thing, on the right hand side of the list is a breakdown of when each character joined the crew for your time line knowledge. 
49th for the original members of the crew, as members of the 49th MSG
SH is for the original members of the Stephen Hawking who joined at commissioning.
Hawk is the designation for everyone who has joined us after we launched.
USS Stephen Hawking and Time Bandit shuttle

Here are the Specs for the time ships that can be used in your fan fiction. Along with the information you find in the crew bios for your characters, this is information you can use when you describe our ship and her shuttle, the Time Bandit.