USS Stephen Hawking: Commissioned on the 46th Anniversary of Man Landing on the Moon

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Posted on July 15, 2016 at 4:45 AM

I received our first quote for our anniversay patch for the chapter. Here is the deal, I contacted the same folks where I had the 49thMSG patches. They have given us a great deal at 30% off. The patch will have cloth on the red and black parts but the letters and the Hawk will be stitched. The letters will be a white or light grey, but the Hawk will be sticted in metallic threads of Silver and Gold. These will be very special because we will not make this design with metallic thread again. If we make this design again there will not be metallic thread involved. This is the 1st anniversary special.

Are you ready for the price. 100 pieces at $1.70 each. The $170 dollars include shipping and taxes this is a flat rate. If 9 of us contribute $20 each we can have these made and delivered to us before August 20th. 

I would like to distribute them in this fashion: All membrers (we have aproximentaly 24 members at this time (I am not including civilian members or charter members) . Each member will receive a free patch, contributers will receive 3 patches each. (unless you want to contribute your patch to the funding of other items we will be making)

The remaining 51 patches will be sold to members and others for the price of $5 dollars each. If we can sell the others patches we will make you guessed it $255 dollars which we can use to create other patches and items. Of course people who are not yet members of the USS Stephen Hawking and Starfleet will have to pay a Shipping and Handling charge.

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