USS Stephen Hawking: Commissioned on the 46th Anniversary of Man Landing on the Moon

This is the final of the Laser, Fireworks show on the San Diego Marina behind the Convention Center at the Premiere of Star Trek: Beyond 2016.

This is what we did on our First Anniversary of the USS Stephen Hawking on July 20, 2016 Like they knew we were celebrating too.

Established 12-13-14

Commissioning Date 07-20-15

Mission Profile of a Temporal Displacement Vessel 

We are a military styled annex of STARFLEET INTERNATIONAL FAN ASSOCIATION'S Long Beach Chapter USS Stephen Hawking. The Stephan Hawking’s Ultimate mission is classified and compartmentalized. As the more military like aspect of the same Science Fiction Fan Club, we focus on community safety and neighborhood preparedness because we like the big BANG BANG we don’t focus on it.

Here on the Hawking we would like to embrace all Science Fiction, not only Star Trek which is our primary platform through where we can attend the extensive Starfleet Academy and learn how the parent club works and other things where you can attain the fictional military ranks associated with Star Trek.

Yet we enjoy CosPlay, Dr. Who, Babylon 5, Battlestar Glactica, Fan Fiction and Fan Artwork and just about anything fun. Remember this is all part of our classified mission parameters.


Marine Detachment Mission Profile

The 13th MSG is an advocate of your local community or neighborhood emergency response teams (CERT or NERT). Please look them up in your area, usually found on Fire Department websites. Take a look at our CERT information page on how to get involved in Emergency Preparedness in your area. 

Please be prepared for the next disaster (storm, quake or flood) in your area.

"Be Prepared don’t be Scared."

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